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From the Archives - 1987 Bush Music Festival program, posters & other ephemera

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1. (overall) Programme - Bush Concert & Big Bush Dance at Parramatta, Friday 30th October. Workshop weekend 9-11 October, Marrickville.

2. Saturday 10th October - Alan Scott & Jack Wright Jumping the rattler. Bodrans by Seamus Mackay. Early Members reunion. Judging of the dance competition. Margaret Walters workshop on Ron Edwards convict/transportation ballads. John Dengate Sporting Heroes.

3. Harmonies wit Peter Murray. Saturday night dance. Sunday - Mark Schuster - Traditional German Folk Dance Tunes.  Sydney Concertina Group. Line dances by Pam Gainsford.  Bush bands forums. Musicians all.

4. BMC activities - Beecroft & Glebe bush dances. Colonial Balls - Heritage Week Ball & Colonial Subscription Ball. Dance workshop.  Bush Music tutor lessons.  Folkus nights. Concert Party.

5. Photos - Alan Scott, Dave de Hugard, John Dengate. Margaret Walters.

6.  Programme grid

7. Programme 30-31st October Parramatta Park.  Saturday - John Broomhall, Rafferties Rule, Sonia Bennett & friends, Heritage Dancers, Bibdi Eye, Bandy Bill, Tallowood, Pete McMahon, Margaret Bradford, Selectors. Saturday night concert with Phyl Lobl, Anthony Jack,  Rob Edgar, Dave de Hugard & Bush dance with Tallowood, Bandy Bil & Southern  Cross Bush band. Sunday free entertainment with Ryebuck, Concert Party, Alan Scott, John Dengate, Vinegar Hill, Harpers Frolics, Vince Brophy, Hard Yakka, Australian Concertina Band, Margaret Walters, Dave de Hugard and an assortment of poets. Kids - Drama, Concert, Dance & announcenmetn of colouring competition winners.

8. Program - Parramatta Park, Oct. 30th - Nov 1st.

9. Ads for Folkways & Bird Cameron accountants.

10. Australian Concert at Parramatta Town Hall, Friday night with Australian Heritage Dancers, Anthony Jack, Phyl Lobl, Rob Edgar, Dave de Hugard, Inland Navigators Bush Band.

11. Open air concert Saturday - Selectors Bush Band, Margaret Bradford, Ryebuck Bush Band, Craig Edmondson, Tallowood Bush band, Australian Heritage Dancers, Sonia Bennett & friends, John Broomhall, Bindi Eye Bush band, Pete McMahon, Rafferties Rules. workshops - Tin Whistles, Dance workshop with Nell Challingworth & Australian Heritage Dancers. Sunday concert  Bush Music Club Concert Party, Alan Scott, Vince Brophy, Vinegar Hill Bush Band, Dave de Hugard, Murphies Law Bush Band, Jim Haynes, Hard Yakka Bush Band, Australian Concertina Band. Kids - Drama, Concert, Bush Dancing.

12.  Big Bush Dance Parramatta Leagues Club Saturday night - Southern Cross Bush Band, Tallowood Bush Band from Coffs Harbour, Murphies Law Bush Band.

13. BMC Booking agency.

14. information about BMC

15.  Mulga Wire, no.60, April 1987, p.9 - ad for the festival

Mulga Wire, no.61, June 1987, pp. 5-7 information about the Festival
Mulga Wire, no.61, June 1987, Information about the festival - sessions at Woolpack Hotel & Application to perform. 

Mulga Wire, no.61, June 1987, information about the workshop weekend. 

19.  Mulga Wire no.62,  August 1987, p.5 - information about the workshop weekend, Ad for 9th South Australian Folk Festival same weekend. .

Mulga Wire no.62,  August 1967, p7. ad- 3 big Festival events - Australian Music Concert, Big Bush Dance, Open-Air concerts.

21.  Mulga Wire no.64, December 1987 - photo from the Festival - Jim Haynes with kids  who attended his workshop. 

22.  Mulga Wire no. 64, December 1987, p.7, Report on the festival.

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