Thursday, 30 April 2020

From the Archives - Bush Bands

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Photos from Archives, photographers named if known.
If you can identify bands & members, please email

1. Unknown band -

2.   Tempe Tipsters, c.1989. Bob Fagan, ?, Gary Pudney, Igor Nossar, Margaret Fagan,James Fagan, Hugh Keogh, Gary Milligan

3.  Wild Colonial Boys,1969 - Jacko Kevans, Declan Affley, Jim Fingleton, Tony Lavin, Bob McInnes.

4.  Pinchgut c1974 - the original lineup - David Johnson, Ralph Pride, Chris Moore, Richard Evans.

5.  Reedy River Bushmen - John Burch, Jamie Carlin, Barry Collerson, Brian Loughlin, Frank wearing Fred Sloane's hat at a Westfield Shopping Centre at an unknown date (John Burch collection)

6.  Reedy River Bushmen, c1976, taken at Australiana Village, Wilberforce. Ralph Pride, John Burch, Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher, seated Barry Collerson & Mary Williams (Bob Bolton photo)

7.  Rouseabouts, c.1977.  standing -  Bob Bolton, John Poleson, Ray Grieve, Chris Kempster, seated - Len Neary, Keith Snell, Bob Thompson (Bob Bolton photo)

8.  Rum Culls 1978. Shayne Kerr, Adam Macaulay, Pam Merrigan, Phil  Bates, Norm Merrigan

9. Ryebuck founders, 1979 - Stuart Leslie, George Bolliger, Wally Bolliger (Bob Bolton photo)

10.   Ryebuck, Bush Music Festival, October 1981, concert at Sydney Opera House - Wally Bolliger, Dave Roland, Alex Bishop, Stuart Leslie, George Bolliger, Sally Stevens, later Leslie (Bob Bolton photo),

11.  Selectors, 1983 - Eric Eisler on the left, Bob Bolton on the right


13.  Southern Cross Mark 1

14. Southern Cross, Heritage Ball, Willoughby 1981 (Bob Bolton photo)

15.  Southern Cross 1986  (Bob Bolton photo)

16.  FlyingWombats - 21/06/91, Col Douglas, Bill Waterhouse, Ralph Pride, Malcolm Clapp.

17. FlyingWombats -1986/8, Ashfield, Brian Crawford, Bill Waterhouse, Bob Foggin, Malcolm Clapp

18.  Flying Wombats, 1986/87, Ashfield. Brian Crawford, Bill Waterhouse, Bob Foggin, Malcolm Clapp

19.  Flying Wombats1990, Ralph Pride, Bill Waterhouse,  Malcolm Hamilton, Colin Douglas

20. Flying Wombat lagerphone in the Hut, 2018.  It is still in the Hut, minus its wombat which is back with Malcolm.

21-23.  Murray Darlings - Sue McMahon, Amanda Daley, Ann Pidcock, Sam O'Reilly, Wendy Richmond, Helen Romeo, Jess Randall, 2016, (Sandra Nixon photo)


24. - Scratch Band, 2003 - Eric Eisler, Pam Merrigan, Norm Merrigan, Alison Boyle, Jackie Luke, Greg Wilson.

25. Bennelong Bush Band at Glebe Town Hall - Julie Furneaux on guitar, John Coombes, Helen Romeo (Brain), Alex Cronin.  Dancer facing camera is Sue Bartos

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