Saturday 4 April 2020

From the Archives - 2nd Australian Folklore Conference, October 1986. Mulga Wire no.58, December 1986

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Photos © BMC Archives

The 2nd National Folklore Conference - a critical review by Anne Pidcock.

Mulga Wire no.58, Dec 1986, pp16-17

This set of photos was found in a Kuring-gai College envelope with pasted labels, so were possibly taken taken by College staff.

Photo Album 11 in our library has more photos from this Conference. 

“The Possum Stirs ...” Conference Proceedings 2nd National Folklore Conference, October 17th -19th, 1986, Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education, Lindfield, NSW. By Keith Hollinshead - is also available in the library, Accession no. HOL485. 
Introductory pages are below







Labels were on the back of the photos.



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